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Our Story

About Us

The story of Olive & Olde's began with Megan and Dylan in Denver, CO. It was 2017 and they had just welcomed their second boy into the family. Only a few weeks after giving birth, Megan needed emergency surgery. While the procedure went well, recovering while trying to take care of a newborn proved to be much more difficult. Megan was a victim of postpartum depression and felt deep, consistent loneliness during this time. During these dark moments she felt the desire for something bigger to belong to, a community full of meaning and purpose. In an effort to help combat loneliness for others in a similar situation, she began creating products that were cozy, welcoming, and comfortable. Things that she wished she had to help lift her spirits. Every product was designed to not only function well and be of the best possible quality, but it was designed to connect people, build a community of support, and let people know they're not alone. The idea was, and continues to be, that the literal support you get from an Olive & Olde's pillow or floor cushion is a direct connection to others in your shoes. We aim to ease the deep ache of loneliness by believing that everyone should have a soft place to land.

Our Values

What We Believe

We believe in combating loneliness in everything we do. We believe everyone should have a soft place to land. We combat loneliness by building a community that connects people through products that are good for the environment, beautifully designed, and multi-functional. It just so happens that we make pillows, cushions, and home goods that people love.

Our 'Why?' As a Business

To Combat Loneliness

No matter what you're going through, we believe that everyone should have a soft place to land.

Environmental Impact

We Borrow The Earth From Our Children

We believe the scientific facts of climate change and we make great strides to preserve the environment that we will one day hand back to our children. That's why we use the most sustainable products we can find. From all-natural, organic buckwheat hulls that fill our floor cushions to compostable packaging, we strive to do our part to offset emissions and protect our world. We also partner with One Tree Planted to plant one tree in our community for every purchase.

Design And Functionality

The Smallest Details Matter

We believe in the concept of meraki. That is, the process of putting a piece of ourselves into every product product we make. We respect the details that make a product great and uphold the integrity of the materials that we select to make the best quality and most functional products possible.