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We're Olive & Olde's

The earnest makers who leave the world a little better than we found it.


Here’s to happier brains, butts & beyond.

In these parts, we’re about creating good jobs for good people who make really good products.

The end result? A good cushion on which to sit your butt. A perfect neck wrap to soothe your sads, angst, and allergies. An eye mask that finally delivers the antidote to doom scrolling — just to name a few.

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As it turns out, “made with love” is an understatement.

Every single staff member who touches your order actually cares about you and how you feel.

The family-owned linen mill weaves wonder into the fabrics they make. Our sewing crew stitches in compassion. Our shipping team packs in a few warm squeezes & words of encouragement.

When you use a neck wrap or hug a comfort pack, we’re all there with you, supporting your journey.

We know it can be heavy. Let us hold it for a while.

Meet Megan

The beauty behind the butt cushions & founder of Olive & Olde’s.

Consider her the recovered high-strung human who’s devoted her life to making yours a tiny bit better. As a past ICU nurse, all she wanted was a soft, safe place to land at the end of a chaotic day. 

So she made one. Then another one.

And then thousands more.

Over the years, an incredible crew of creators has come together to deliver compassion, care, and comfort — straight to your door.

Our Business Values

Integrity, Imagination, Innovation & Community

We are committed to doing better today than we did yesterday, leaving the Earth better than we found it and pushing the envelope for what can be accomplished in US manufacturing.