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Stories that make us who we are and how our products came to life


Originally, we were Olde’s General Store. Olde as an acronym derived from each of our names. O for our oldest son Owen, L for our youngest son Lachlan, D for Dylan, and M for Megan. Wait…That spells MOLD. You’re right, that’s why we used E for Elizabeth, Megan’s middle name. OLDE. That’s better. ;-)

Through a brand refresh and a very fortunate find, we came upon a talented designer that conceived our current logo. We affectionately named her Olive and after we playfully gave her a deeper background story, purpose, values, and meaning, we realized that she now embodied everything about how we wanted the brand to feel. She stands for unity, authenticity, togetherness, comfort, and passion. This was such an empowering experience for us that it informed our name change to what it is today, Olive & Olde’s.

So that’s us! Now you know who we are and where all of this began. We believe in the concept of Meraki, that is putting a piece of our heart and soul into the products we create. We hope you find a connection in Olive and Olde’s products as we are looking forward to sharing our journey together!

Megan and Dylan