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The Many Ways to Use Your Zafu

Posted by Megan Schmer on
The Many Ways to Use Your Zafu

While our zafus were originally created as meditation cushions, we quickly came to realize they can be used for so much more. They are wonderful for meditation and mindfulness but these cushions have oh so much more to offer! From extra seating in your living room to support in your home office, here are our (many) favorite ways to utilize zafus. 

Game Night

Ever find yourself at a family or friend game night, sitting on the floor around the coffee table? Most of the time it’s the only way to play but you feel too low to the ground and your feet fall asleep within minutes. Zafus are perfect for game nights! We like to use them to prop us up and keep us comfortable - even through a marathon game of monopoly. 

Secondary Seating

Similar to a game night - sometimes we just don’t have enough seating around our dining room table for all our guests. Often, we turn our coffee table into our second dining room table and use our zafus as comfortable and convenient seating for our guests. You don’t need a giant dining room table, you just need zafus!

Outdoor Seating

These cushions are perfect for outdoor gatherings too. You can place your zafu on a blanket or yoga mat when you’re camping, at a picnic, at an outdoor concert, or meditating in the beautiful outdoors. P.S. have you heard about your new *outdoor* cushion prototype?

Floor Pillow

Oftentimes I prefer laying on the floor to laying on the couch when watching tv at home. The firmness of the ground helps me feel supported and grounded. Using the zafu as a pillow enhances this supportive feeling and is comfy to boot! Next time you’re home watching tv, give it a try.

Laptop Table

Let’s be real. WFH (working from home) means WFC (working from the couch) every once in a while. When you surrender to the couch during work hours you can use the zafu on your lap to elevate your laptop. This keeps you from straining your neck and shoulders. Plus, it keeps your lap cool if your computer tends to overheat! 

Elevating Your Feet

There are a number of ways to use the zafu to elevate your feet to help you feel more comfortable and supported whether at your desk or on the couch:

  • Did you know placing a footrest under your desk can help with comfort, productivity, and energy level? Who knew?! You can place the zafu under your desk to bring the ground closer to your feet. This helps support posture and circulation which can reduce discomfort, fatigue, and stiffness.

  • You can also use these pillows to elevate your feet when resting on the couch or floor. Elevating your feet in this position helps to lower the pressure in your legs by allowing blood that has pooled to drain away. It’s especially helpful if you spend most of your day up on your feet.
  • Last but not least - these zafus make the perfect little ottoman. When reading and relaxing in your favorite chairs, simply place the zafu at your feet for added comfort and relaxation.

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