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Eye Pillows for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Posted by Megan Schmer on
Eye Pillows for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Have you noticed that taking a power nap, or even just lying down to rest with an eye pillow gives that extra boost of relaxation that we all need? There’s a science behind that. The eye pillow places gentle pressure on your eyelids, sending a message to the vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system that lets your body know it’s time to relax and let go. This calming effect gives a general sense of ease and stress relief and can also decrease blood pressure and heart rate, and improve digestion.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence beyond science, too.  The calming and soothing effects we experience while using an eye pillow or laying something over our eyes during rest and meditation is one of the main reasons people use them in the first place. People often speak of being able to go deeper into their practice or have an easier time feeling their anxiety slip away. Add in the soothing scent of lavender or the energizing scent of peppermint and you have the extra benefit of aromatherapy. 

Our eye pillows can be placed in the freezer to act as a cold compress that helps to soothe irritated eyes. The cold and pressure can relieve eye strain that comes from staring at digital screens all day, decrease puffiness, and just feels amazing on a hot summer day! 

How to use

Step 1

Grab your eye pillow, warm or cold. 

Step 2

Find a quiet and cozy spot to lie down.

Step 3

Place the eye pillow over your eyes and drift away into a sea of bliss and relaxation. Even just five minutes can relieve stress and is a nice break during a hectic day. You can also sleep all night with it on if you aren’t one to roll around much at night (like myself). 

Step 4

Rinse and repeat. Use an eye pillow any time you like!

What’s in our eye pillows?

Our eye pillows contain cooling millet and your choice of either lavender or peppermint & Orange Peel encapsulated in a muslin bag. Millet is the perfect weight for the eye area. It’s the goldilocks of raw material, not too light, not too heavy, but just right. All of our eye pillows have a handmade cover in hand block printed Indian cotton. We make them by hand, with love, in Denver, CO.

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