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Holiday FAQs


Holiday Shipping FAQs

The holiday shopping season is upon us, which means the joys of holiday shipping have also arrived. If last year (our first pandemic holiday season), taught us anything, it’s that shipping timelines are not guaranteed. That, coupled with the USPS’ new “service standards”, is why we are encouraging you to get your online holiday shopping done early this year! 

If you haven’t heard, on October 3rd the USPS implemented system-wide changes, including planned service slowdowns and price hikes. They have slowed their target delivery time by 30% and have temporarily increased prices on all commercial and retail domestic packages through December 26th because of the high demand of the holiday season. You can learn more about these changes here.  

Below are a few shipping FAQs to help you plan for these changes to holiday shipping timelines:

Who do you use for shipping?

  • We use USPS for all of our shipping. 
  • Most economical way between UPS and USPS

How long do orders usually take to process and ship?

  • Once you place your order it takes 2 to 3 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. When we drop your package off at USPS, the timeline is no longer within our realm of control. 

When should I place my order so it arrives in time for Christmas? 

  • We recommend placing your order ASAP in order for it to arrive in time for the holidays. Due to the nature of the shipping landscape this year, we are unable to guarantee delivery by a certain date. 

Where is my package?

  • When you place your order you will receive a tracking number. You can track your USPS package on their website using your tracking number here. USPS shares the same information with the sender (us) as they do with the recipient (you) so unfortunately, we do not have more or different information about the status of your package than they provide to you. 

Why does it look like my package hasn’t moved?

  • When USPS gets overwhelmed, typically during the busy holiday season, oftentimes scanning packages is either missed or skipped. This means your package could only get scanned twice, once when it is received at USPS and once when it is finally delivered at your door. This means, there will be no updates or notifications about the location or status of your package until it is delivered. 

Why is shipping more expensive and taking longer?

  • In October 2021, USPS implemented systemwide changes, including planned service slowdowns and price hikes. You can learn more about these changes here

What should I do if my package never arrived or is lost?

  • We will resend any package that is lost in the mail. However, it is your responsibility as the recipient to file a claim with USPS. You can learn more about filing a claim here. Once you file your claim, please reach out to us at and we can begin processing a new shipment. 

PRO TIPS!: (things we've learned throughout the years to make getting your packages easier) 

  1. Sign up for informed delivery so you can have more access to tracking information about your packages.  
  2. To avoid stolen packages off your front porch, change your preferences with USPS so that you pick up your packages at the post office vs. having them delivered to your door. 

Last updated 11/15/2021